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Outdoor Living at the Sturman's

There is never a better time of year then Fall to use outdoor living spaces. The weather is cool and brisk enough to snuggle with a throw and cup of coffe in your favorite spot outside.

Our patio is something that I dreamed of for years and had an exact vision of what it would look like. And the completed project did not disappoint. It is the dreamiest part of our home and we spend a lot of time out there. In the heat of the summer, it may be only in the mornings for a bit of quite time.

But rarely does a day go by that we are not out there. And this egg chair is my favorite spot on the whole patio. It is big enough to curl up in and read, knit, take a nap, etc. Also big enough to add a couple of grandkids as well. A perfect place for a Honey to hang out.

I purchase this chair on a whim during those early days of "shelter in place." It was a splurged and perhaps a bit spendy but I have not regreted the "pandemic panic" purchase, ha, ha!

From inside the house, I love looking out and seeing these lush ferns. Who knew I could keep these alive? But, apparently they love my patio as much as I do. They grow huge and will last until the first frost. I have tried wintering them over, but really, no one has time for that mess.

With most of the back of our house shaded now, the difference in our air conditioning costs has been huge. Who knew how much difference a little shade can make in an elecrity bill?

This space under the pergola ranks up there on the favorites, espessially with the grands. They are always asking for a camp fire. And it is so easy to just turn on the fire pit and have the s'mores stuff at the ready.

What makes this space extra special for me is that the adirondack chairs were handmade by my Dad. We had them at the lake house for years and they have heard a lot of stories, laughter, and memories. They will be a part of our "camp fires" forever.

This outdoor space truely has been a life saver in 2020, with the shelter in place orders and then most things near us closed due to Covid 19. I feel blessed to have had a place for us to find refuge outside. It was with the help of Hinkle Hardscapes that our outdoor living space became a realty and a place where memories will be made.

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