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National Sewing Machine Day

Here at Stitches by Sturman we celebrate June 13th as National Sewing Machine Day (yes, it's a thing) honoring the English inventor of the sewing machine,Thomas Saint, in 1790. This invention makes the work we do here possible.  I started sewing as a small child, around 7 years old.  My first project was a pair of pajamas and from there I designed and made many doll clothes along with most of my own back in the day.

In high school, I began taking in sewing for friends and family and continued this into adulthood.  In 1989, was the official beginning of Stitches by Sturman.  Leaving the corporate world in 1991, I made my new business a full-time job. Starting out with dressmaking, I took a risk and agreed to make window treatments for one model home and I knew this was the kind of sewing I was made for. The first designer that took a chance on me was Brenda Freebern, owner of Picture Perfect Interiors, and I have been doing her drapery fabrication ever since.

Since then, my business has provided towards our family budget, helping finance numerous cars, mission trips, three college educations, two weddings and much more. I have always felt Stitches By Sturman was a gift from God, allowing me to have a career and be at home with my family.  There have been ups and downs but if I had a chance to do it all over again the answer would be, "Oh my heck, yes!"

So today, let's celebrate National Sewing Machine Day!

Go out and make your world beautiful!


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