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Neutral as a Backdrop

New sofa in the house! YES! We haven't had a new sofa for over 20 years, I know, crazy. Thanks to Brenda at Picture Perfect Interiors for helping me select this Sherrill sectional and make right choice of style and fabric to meet the objective I was trying to accomplish.

My thinking was to get the most seating for the space as well as a blank canvas to add, any and all of the color, often. Not only that, I want the fabric to be durable and stain resistant as this is our main living space and I want to enjoy the space without concern.

Being in the interior design industry and not personally having an unlimited budget, I like to change things out regularly. The most affordable way to do this is with colored accessories such as pillows, florals, etc. By starting with neutral I have unlimited options. I can't wait to start styling this room with colors for Spring.

Go out and make your world more beautiful!


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