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Pink Tricycle Planter

I have always loved a creative garden with unexpected things used as planters, lots of color and as my husband calls it an “Ozarky” look.  He is always having to hold me back from making our garden the junk yard of the neighborhood.  You can imagine his surprise, shock, disappointment when I told him I would be putting an old tricycle on our front porch as planter.  However, he is always a good sport and lets me do my own thing up to a point.

The “junk” (my treasures) in the garden was acceptable, but bringing it to the front porch was another story.  I assured him it would be tasteful and bring a feel of whimsy to the front of the house.  (I am not sure that helped my case or not.)  He kept his opinion until the planter was complete. Seriously? It’s a trike we can move it if it is too much of an “Ozarky” eye sore.

This is how the trike started out.  I purchased it at an estate auction last year for $10 knowing that I could come up with some kind of fun way to use it.  Some might say that it was just fine as it was, but I was inspired by a couple of photos on of pink bikes on Pinterest.

Painting the trike pink, how could that go wrong I ask? Like I always say, "When in doubt, pink is always the right choice."

After painting the trike watermelon pink with my favorite Krylon spray paint. I searched around in my stash and found containers to do my planting in and then proceeded to wire them to the tricycle so that they would not blow away in the crazy Kansas wind.

I love planting containers and getting my hands dirty.  The satisfaction and reward of well planted flowers is the best. My little pink trike is the cutest planter around and Jeff decided that it can stay on the front porch as it turned out lot better than he thought it would.  I am not sure why, after all these years, he questions, my creative processes.

Go out and make your world beautiful!


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